Anonymous Goes After Westboro Baptist Church


(See update below.)

I’m no fan of the hacker group known as Anonymous or their tactics, but the vile freaks from the Westboro Baptist Church deserve whatever Anonymous dishes out thanks to their disgusting actions. The latest is a threat to picket the funerals of the victims in Sandy Hook Elementary School where a deranged lunatic gunned down dozens of innocent children and their teachers and principal.

A woman named Shirley Phelps-Roper first reported the plan on Twitter, CBSNewYork relates. …

The woman, whose profile picture features signs reading “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and “Soldiers Die 4 Fag Marriage,” writes multiple times shortly thereafter that “God Sent the Shooter” to punish Americans for various sins.

It should be noted that her language is somewhat open-ended though, and various sites are reporting that they intend to picket memorials and vigils, not just funerals.

Disgusted by Westboro Baptist’s actions, the hacker group Anonymous stepped in on Sunday.

According to msnNOW, the hackers released the private information of Westboro Baptist members online, including phone numbers, professions, birthdays, known relationships, home and email addresses, in retaliation.

Anonymous also included an accompanying video in which they excoriate the self-described church in the strongest of terms, and pledge to destroy it.

Video at the link.

Update: Aaron Worthing weighed in and makes an excellent point.

I have zero sympathy for the Westboro Baptist Church, but this is still wrong.  And moreover, one should be extremely concerned that this information might not even be accurate.  Whoever did this is someone who openly associates with a criminal hacker group.  And you are going to trust their word, their research?  Even if the doxxers are telling the truth as far as they know, the information might be out of date.  People move.  Phone numbers get ditched and reassigned.  You have to trust their honesty and their diligence, and I trust neither.  So let me say as clearly as possible, don’t go find the information, and don’t actually act on it. (Read More)

He’s right. This is not the way to deal with these people, and I would not post any of their information here on this site, nor would I contact them. Aaron also suggested doing what others have done in the past and get a large group of people together to block their protests so they are unable to disrupt the funerals or pile on to the grief and suffering of the victims’ families.