A Few Other Things


As usual, I’m behind on everything today, but there are a few things I wanted to at least mention.

The United States has dropped out of the top ten when it comes to economic prosperity. Read about it at Powerline. Just another sign of the times in Obama’s America.

A US Marine Iraq war veteran, Jon Hammar has been held in a Mexican prison for months, and literally chained to his bed, over a mix up regarding a gun he carried into the country. He declared it, but was given false information by authorities. The photo above was sent to his mother by an aonymous source. The State Department is doing nothing to help him. Please read about it at Red State. I heard about it late last week, but the horrific events in Newtown, CT pushed it out of the news.

On the subject of Newtown, ABC News’s Chris Cuomo appeared on The View and offered sane, common sense solutions to prevent any further gun violence in our schools. Wonders never cease. Big Journalism has the transcript and video, just be prepared for the video to start automatically. (Maybe he can now talk to his colleagues about the shameless way they’ve been covering this tragedy.)