$60 Billion Proposed Sandy Relief Package Loaded With Pork


President Obama has asked Congress for $60 billion to fund a slush fund relief package for areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. That’s an awful lot of money for a government that’s broke and about to go over a fiscal cliff. Oddly enough, the package is loaded up with pork for areas that weren’t hit the hardest by the megastorm.

But it also features some surprising items:  $23 million for tree plantings to “help reduce flood effects, protect water sources, decrease soil erosion and improve wildlife habitat” in forested areas touched by Sandy; $2 million to repair roof damage at Smithsonian buildings in Washington that pre-dates the storm; $4 million to repair sand berms and dunes at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; and $41 million for clean-up and repairs at eight military bases along the storm’s path, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The FBI is seeking $4 million to replace “vehicles, laboratory and office equipment and furniture,” while Customs and Border Protection wants $2.4 million to replace “destroyed or damaged vehicles, including mobile X-Ray machines.”

The Small Business Administration is seeking a $50 million slice of the pie for its post-storm response efforts, including “Small Business Development Centers and Women’s Business Development Centers.”

The relief package also includes a whopping $13 billion request for “mitigation projects” to prepare for future storms. (Read More)

As if they would spend a dime on mitigation projects. These progressives are all saying the storm was the result of global warming and they knew all along something like this would happen, yet they never did a darned thing to mitigate any damages.

Republicans pointed out that this package is almost as much as Obama’s proposed tax increases on the rich and that FEMA still has billions of dollars they haven’t yet spent. Plus, knowing the way the federal government budgets, this $60 billion would be built into the budget from now until forever.

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