Why Is It Okay To Pick On Old White Republican Men, But Not Old White Democrat Women?


Nancy Pelosi’s press conference on Wednesday was one of the most ridiculous political displays I’ve ever seen. I kept looking to see if my nasty new representative, Dan Maffei, was there. But of course, no white men were allowed. In fact, no men were in the picture. It was all women, and mostly old women. Pelosi was very proud to be standing with these old women, reducing them all to their skin color and lady parts rather than any skills and expertise any of them may possess. She’s had so much plastic surgery in an effort to look young she could barely keep her eyes open, but was appalled when she was asked by Luke Russert if maybe she’s a bit too old to represent the next generation. Mind you, he was only inquiring because Democrat leaders said they were working to foster more young leadership in their party. I guess Harry Reid didn’t get that memo, either. Watch the reaction:

Well, how many times have we heard in the past week that the party of old white men is now dead? Why is it okay to pick on old white Republican men, but not okay to pick on old white Democrat women? Isn’t Nancy Pelosi all for equality?

Either way, I still don’t get why people vote for people like Pelosi. Who knows, maybe the voters see Pelosi as a grandmother who showers them with gifts. What they don’t realize is she’s giving them cheap crappy toys, but at the same time spending their inheritance and leaving them in debt, all the while relentlessly clinging to power.