Who Edited Susan Rice’s Talking Points, And Where’s Hillary Clinton?


Yesterday’s testimony of General David Petraeus, the former director of the CIA, pretty much settles the dispute over what the administration knew about the 9/11 terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi. They knew it was a terrorist attack but continued to tell the public it was a spontaneous uprising brought about by some obscure film. So someone in the administration edited the talking points given to UN Ambassador Susan Rice before she went out repeating the false claims on national television.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been flying under the radar in the investigation.

But Mr. Petraeus wasn’t responsible for lax consulate security or the U.S. policy that led to the Libya debacle. That’s Mrs. Clinton’s bailiwick. Last month in interviews from deepest Peru, the Secretary of State said “I take responsibility” for Benghazi.

Except she hasn’t. She was conveniently out of the country for this week’s House Foreign Affairs hearing, and Senate Foreign Relations Chairman John Kerry refuses to hold any hearings on Benghazi. His loyalty may get him a cabinet job, while Carl Levin’s Armed Services Committee also pretends nothing much happened in Libya.

The targets of the attacks and its first victims were diplomats. Chris Stevens died of smoke inhalation in the blaze, becoming the first American ambassador killed in the line of duty in over 30 years. A junior colleague also died. These men were Mrs. Clinton’s “responsibility.” Several hours after the assault on the consulate, members of the jihadist militia Ansar al-Shariah turned on the CIA compound about a mile away, killing two of Mr. Petraeus’s men.

In Congressional hearings last month, career State officials admitted that threat warnings from Benghazi were overlooked and requests for better security turned down. They said Foggy Bottom misjudged the ability of a weak Libyan state to protect them. It’s not clear how high up the chain these concerns went, but over to you, Mrs. Clinton. (Read More)

Clinton may have been staying out of the public eye, but she still assured the father of Tyrone Woods that the maker of the video would be punished for killing Woods, even though the video maker had nothing to do with Woods’s death. Neither Clinton, nor President Obama, have had to answer for the failed policies that led up to the Benghazi attack, or the mess that’s happening in Syria and across the middle east.

Oh well, when the truth does come out the administration can count on news outlets like The New York Times to provide them with cover and spin.

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