What are YOU Wearing After the Election?


The one thing we can always count on Democrats doing, no matter what, is never giving up.  They lose – and they fight harder;  they turn up the ridiculous rhetoric; they turn their laser sights upon us and NEVER upon themselves. What do Republicans do? Answer that for yourself.

Here are some in-your-face jokes I wrote to cheer you up as you decide which one of the above you want to wear:

  • Freedom means never having to rely on something mailed monthly with the word “government” on it
  • Thanks to Democrats my family is closer than ever – all my kids moved back in.
  • Democrats want to raise the minimum wage because that is the only wage they want you to ever have.
  • Democrats think abortion is the answer because it comes before adoption in the dictionary.
  • Democrat men want abortion for any reason at any time because they don’t want to have to stop screwing you.
  • Does getting a suction tube stuck up your uterus make the sex you had with that guy more enjoyable?
  • A Democrat is someone who relies on a politician to define their future for them.
  • A Democrat politician is someone who tells you how to live, how much you can have during your life, and after you die, how much is left for your children when they are done picking through it.
  • A Democrat politician only knows how to build one thing – a longer welfare line.
  • When a Democrat says they just want to “level the playing field” it means they just want to make it easier for them to take the fruits of your labor.
  • Don’t say Democrats just want more government – they want more poverty and misery too.
  • A Democrat is someone who says they just want to live their own life style, but votes for a politician who passes laws to force you to live like them.
  • A Democrat politician has never seen a poor woman’s pregnancy that they wished wasn’t aborted.
  • Democrats call an unborn baby a collection of tissue just like the Nazis called the Jews subhuman.
  • Communists vote Democrat. Enough said.
  • Democrats are a big tent party. They have Socialists, Marxists, Communists, Progressives, and former domestic terrorists. Republicans just have people who believe in the Constitution.
  • The founder of planned parenthood wasn’t racist. She just thought whites were better than blacks.
  • Planned Parenthood is there for the poor because they are “human beings who never should have been born” (Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization)