Voice Of Elmo Denies Having Had Sex With Underage Boy


Kevin Clash, the voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo, has taken a leave of absence from the show after a former boyfriend accused him of having begun their sexual relationship while the man was still a minor. According to TMZ, Clash is 22 years older than his accuser, and denies having had any inappropriate contact with a minor child.

We’ve learned … Sesame Workshop lawyers recently met with a 23-year-old man who claims he and Clash began a sexual relationship 7 years ago … when he was 16 and Clash was 45.

Clash has acknowledged to TMZ he had a relationship with the young man — but insists it only took place AFTER the accuser was an adult.

Sesame Workshop honchos tell TMZ … “In June of this year, Sesame Workshop received a communication from a young man who alleged that he had a relationship with Kevin Clash beginning when he was 16-years-old. This was a personal relationship, unrelated to the workplace. We took the allegation very seriously and took immediate action.”

Sesame Workshop officials acknowledge to TMZ they met with the accuser twice and had a number of other communications with him.  (Read More)

Clash has been disciplined for inappropriate use of company email, and the accuser has failed to produce any evidence to back up his claims, so this is a case of “he said, he said.” Oh, and we conservatives should just shut up about it lest we offend any special interest group out there. So I will keep my opinions to myself and leave you to decide, if you believe Clash’s version of events, what you think of gay men who wait until their love interests turn 18 before swooping in.