The Way to Win it Back!


Like so many of you, I was despondent about our losses – more importantly, about the loss of our Constitution. My children may never live in an America that believes the Constitution is the model for our governance and that America is about an idea not a government. After our losses I questioned God’s plan and what my next step would be. I could have never imagined an America that would vote themselves servants to the political elite. As a child who grew up during the cold war, I was thankful every night for having been born in the only free nation of the world. Our nation is no longer exceptional as a sanctuary for liberty. We will rapidly see the unraveling of personal freedom as Obamacare is implemented and so many other laws, rules and regulations are passed or dictated.

As those hard truths pressed upon me, I was made more optimistic after listening to Glenn Beck (he will build a larger media footprint to combat this) and Mark Levin (he will not go gentle into that good night and we shouldn’t either). This morning I used their words and thoughts to complement my own in formulating a plan that must be put into action. It isn’t easy or quick, but it is a plan that can work. We might not see the full fruits of the plan, but maybe our children will.

The Plan

1 – Replace Speaker of the House Boehner

Alan West – if he wins recount

Michele Bachmann

2 – Reclaim history

Write ads, history specials that tell the true history of Black Republicans and the Republican Party, promote Black Conservatives

Demonize the Democrat party for what it has done (social engineering, destroying tradition)

Tell the true story of the radical left

Tell the true story of socialist infiltration

3 – Identify and isolate all businesses and corporations that are run by leftists or support a leftist agenda

Radicalize them by running ads showing their agenda

Choose not to participate in commerce with them

Urge all other corporations and businesses to not contribute to a leftist agenda

4 – Infiltrate places with mass influence

Academia, pop-culture/the arts, legal system, media

5 – Vote with your feet

Move to friendly areas or States

6 – Object to, deter, block, refuse to comply with, sabotage, litigate all leftist rules, laws, ideologies

7 – Continual learning

Constant ads (not just political seasons) defining the leftist agenda in our terms

Target the poor and minorities with pseudo pop-culture that demonizes Democrats

Teach the poor and minorities what the left’s agenda has done to them

Run these spots in Spanish on Spanish radio, TV, and in Spanish print

Minority conservatives MUST visit minority areas, promote their values within these communities, be fixtures within these communities, constantly promote themselves and their ideals in minority churches and schools

Teach your children

8 – Define ourselves

Refuse to allow the media, pundits, pop-culture to define us andAmerica’s ideals

Run constant ads, PSAs, and programming showing the beauty of our beliefs

Stop contributing to the media message by stopping all subscriptions to their publications, services

9 – Utilize the pulpit

Encourage your church leaders to preach values, tradition.

Encourage your church leaders to marginalize leftist thought and policy

Encourage your church leaders to demonize socialism

10 – Never surrender

Buy a gun, or two, or three…

This list may not be complete – I welcome suggestions, additions and changes. Stay strong. Our Republic needs the patriots to preserve it – from all fronts. We need to be in offence mode – no more defense.

Update (from Karen) – Linked by Lower the Boom – thanks!