The IBD Scathing Indictment Of The Obama Presidency


Via Andrew McCarthy, Investor’s Business Daily’s scathing indictment of the Obama presidency is a must-read. Here’s the preface.

The Record: Big media and left-leaning pundits are engaged in an effort to revise the history of Barack Obama’s four years in the Oval Office. But the facts are clear: Obama is the biggest presidential failure in modern history.

Obama is unique among presidents in large part because he fails to even recognize his deficiencies and mistakes — or when he does, he learns the wrong lessons and doubles down on his policies.

Whether it’s food stamp rolls that have swollen to 47 million, or the decline in household income that has left millions more with a lower standard of living, or the diminution of esteem for America around the world, Obama’s time in office has been subpar.

A by-no-means-exhaustive list of President Obama’s deficient results follows. In four short years, he has:

Go read the whole thing. Also, read McCarthy’s entire post. Then say a prayer. Then go vote.