The Campaign Continues


Just when you thought the presidential campaign was over, President Obama is hitting the campaign trail yet again. Only this time his campaign won’t have to repay any of the cost. He’s trying to sell his tax-the-rich economic plan to the electorate, even though he’s already claiming a mandate. Go figure.

The White House plans an aggressive public campaign to build support for its approach to reduce the deficit through tax increases and spending cuts, a sharp contrast to its private talks with Republicans that faltered last year.

President Barack Obama will meet with labor leaders Tuesday and a number of chief executives on Wednesday, in an effort to solidify backing for his proposals.

Both groups carry sway with different segments of lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Mr. Obama also plans to travel outside of Washington to try and broaden national support for his proposal that includes tax increases on the wealthy—which White House officials believe won public backing in last week’s election. (Read More)

Of course he’s meeting with labor leaders first. As if they’re any better at math than he is.

As for his proposals winning public backing, he might want to check the latest polls, 60% of voters believe the current tax rates should be extended. Although he frequently talked about taxing the rich on the stump, his campaign was all about demonizing Mitt Romney and winning at any cost. He doesn’t have a mandate for anything.