Sunday Evening Quick Hits


Just think, a week ago we were all geared up for the election, expecting we would be given the chance to restore this country to something resembling a republic. Well, that didn’t happen. Anyway, I have way too many tabs open for a Sunday evening, so here are the links to what I’ve been reading today.

Janet Daley at the UK Telegraph notes that the US has turned into just another Old World democracy. So much for the West.

Applebee’s is downsizing thanks to Obamacare and the left is doing what it does and going all ballistic on them. I’ll add that to my list of businesses it’s okay to support. There’s an Applebee’s close by and the staff is friendly and the food is decent. (That’s if we have any disposable income in Obama’s second term.)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is still blathering about climate change rather than doing anything substantial to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The goof went so far as to claim there were no hurricanes or big storms before. Nobody bothered to tell him about the huge storms in 1960, 1954, 1938 and other years. Not that Democrats give a lick about the truth. In all fairness to Cuomo, at least he didn’t go play golf while thousands of people are still without power or food and bodies are still being found.

The only thing I can think of that would be worse than this past week in politics is being a Californian this past week. Good grief, those people out there are nuts. I recommend that the conservatives flee that state with all due haste. My friend Leslie is sticking it out, and is taking the news well. I guess when things get that bad there isn’t much you can do but laugh. It beats slipping into a state of deep despair.

As for the Lame Stream Media that played a hand in bringing this misery upon our country, it will be fun watching them die. The newspaper I canceled is now spending money advertising on TV even though the rag is so broke it’s cutting delivery to 3 days per week. Oh, and no, CNN is not an objective news outlet, no matter what they say.

Welcome to 1984. We were hoping for an Electoral College map that resembled 1984, instead we got this.

But, as Gateway Pundit points out, we’ve been here before.

Oh well, at least you’re not David Petraeus.