Stupid Idiots Join SEIU LAX Protest But Don’t Know Why


So many clueless people, so little time. Some of the people who helped to disrupt travel at LAX on the busiest travel day of the year had no clue what they were even doing there, other than supporting a union they aren’t members of. If this isn’t evidence that we’re doomed, I don’t know what is.

Still, some of Wednesday’s demonstrators marched in protest of what they are calling unfair labor practices.

“They just walked away from this contract 11 months ago. What happened is, they left workers without affordable health care, the union contract and they’re compromising good jobs at LAX,” protester Ernesto Guerrero said.

KCAL9′s Dave Lopez spoke with several protesters who weren’t aware of the battle between the labor union and the airport services company.

“Do you work at the airport?” he asked one woman.

“No, I don’t work at the airport, but I’m supporting them,” she said.

“What do you do then, if I may ask?” he questioned.

“I work in retail,” she answered.

“OK, but you’re just here to support?” he inquired.

“Yeah, just to support,” she responded.

“But you understand that there is a big union battle going on, or that doesn’t matter?” he asked.

“No, it does matter,” she replied. (Read More)

And the GOP is supposed to reach out to these idiots and get them to see things our way?