Starting the Countdown to Mideast War


Islamic Caliphate 2 – Israel 0

Israel will not play defense much longer. I won’t blame them when they launch. I will instead say, when war erupts, that Obama built that. Then I will watch the media drown in the blood they sacrificed for their idol. America’s leaders and the world will blame the Jews and the Jews will remember that they ignored the signs upon them as they obliviously voted for their own demise. They will again wear the star upon their arms as they are dragged to slaughter. This time, however, there will be no country for them to escape to because America is now officially antisemitic.


The Blaze is reporting some of the response around the Middle East regarding Obama’s win:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

The Egyptian news site Ahram reports:

President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday hailed his US counterpart Barack Obama re-election and said he hoped it would strengthen the “friendship” between their two countries.

Morsi hoped for a “strengthening of the friendship between the two countries to serve their common interests, namely justice, freedom and peace,” in a telegram of congratulations released by the official news agency MENA.

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