So Much For Compromise – Obama Doubles Down On Tax Hikes


I don’t know if anyone really believed President Obama would compromise with Republicans after the election. If so, I’ve got a bridge to sell them, or something. Not only is he not compromising, he wants even larger tax hikes than he proposed before, double to be exact.

President Barack Obama will begin budget negotiations with congressional leaders Friday by calling for $1.6 trillion in additional tax revenue over the next decade, far more than Republicans are likely to accept and double the $800 billion discussed in talks with GOP leaders during the summer of 2011.

Mr. Obama, in a meeting Tuesday with union leaders and other liberal activists, also pledged to hang tough in seeking tax increases on wealthy Americans. In one sign of conciliation, he made no specific commitment to leave unscathed domestic programs such as Medicare, leaving the door open to spending cuts many fellow Democrats oppose.

Kevin Smith, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio), dismissed the president’s opening position for the negotiations. He said Mr. Boehner’s proposal to revamp the tax code and entitlement programs is “consistent with the president’s call for a ‘balanced’ approach.” (Read More)

So no proposed domestic cuts, only leaving the door open. I’d hardly call that a balanced approach. Perhaps Obama has been listening to the liberal echo chamber. I’m sure the labor leaders he met with all share the goals of the liberal pundits.

Two days after the election, Obama’s favorite economist, Paul Krugman, set the tone for the intransigent left in a column titled: “Let’s not make a deal.” Boiled down, his advice to Obama was this: Don’t give in to any Republican demands, even if doing so would “inflict damage on a still-shaky economy.” After all, Obama would be better positioned to “weather any blowback from economic troubles.”

Krugman’s advice may be disturbingly cold and calculating, but he has plenty of company on the left.

Robert Kuttner, co-founder of the liberal American Prospect magazine, suggests Obama should just sit it out, let all the Bush tax cuts expire, the automatic spending cuts kick in and expect public pressure to force Republicans to give in entirely.

The left-wing Daily Kos called any kind of “grand bargain” between Obama and the GOP a “Great Betrayal.”

And several Democratic lawmakers have suggested that the correct approach would be to let the country go over the fiscal cliff, since that will only strengthen Obama’s position. (Read More)

This is so typical of the Democrats Destructive Party. They refuse to budge, unless they’re doubling down on bad, and then they shriek if the Republicans won’t compromise with them, when they’re the ones who refused to compromise all along. Oh, and if the GOP thinks that compromising with them on immigration is a good idea then they deserve to lose.