So Many Evil Trolls, So Little Time


I can barely keep up with my evil troll (or trolls) let alone everyone else’s. But they’re out there, and they’re quite nasty. Apparently, they don’t even take a break for holidays. The latest from The Other McCain:

So now, 10 days before the important Dec. 4 hearing in the case of Walker v. Kimberlin, et al., Bill Schmalfeldt is threatening to call my wife because I won’t tell him where we live, or tell him anything at all, except to tell him he’s a sociopathic monster:

Once you know their motives and methods, these monsters aren’t nearly so scary at they’d like to be, and the real horror of their behavior is the soul-chilling realization of what sick pleasure they derive from it. Healthy minds do not delight in plotting evil against others, and wholesome spirits do not endlessly threaten others with harm they intend to inflict.

That was written on Sunday, Nov. 4, when I was in Ohio, two days before Election Day, when Schmalfeldt was alternating between smears and threats, sounding very much like Barrett Brown sounded before he went nuts and got himself arrested.

My wife saw your Tweet, Schmalfeldt.

She didn’t marry a quitter.

Brave? No, just too crazy to be afraid — the Professor’s got a point, you know — and too damned stubborn to turn loose of a good story. (Read More)

That creep tried following me on twitter over the weekend but I blocked him. I have enough of these unhinged criminals bothering me without allowing them to harass me on twitter.

What is it with these people? They must be seriously disturbed to seek out people with whom they disagree and then spend so much time stalking and harassing us online.  Not only do they send threats and make horrendous and baseless accusations against us, they also impersonate us all over the web.

Anyway, what they’re doing is illegal. Aggravated harassment is one of the charges whoever has been harassing me will face when the authorities figure out who it is. Identity theft is another. And that was before the death and rape threats. But enough about me, this is about people like this Bill Schmalfeldt guy.  It seems like he’s some sort of mixture of evil and insane. No doubt he’s got a number of harassment charges building up against him, and sooner or later the law will catch up with him and his cowardly comrades. Even if that doesn’t happen, at least we know that some day he will rot in hell where he’ll fit right in.

Update: More examples at American Power.