See Photos Of The #1 GOP Call Center In America


The kids and I stopped by Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle’s campaign office in Syracuse late this afternoon. It was bustling with activity. On our way out we stopped to chat with someone from the campaign staff and we were told that this was the number 1 Republican call center, out of all of them in the country. The volunteers here in NY’s 24th CD are extremely dedicated, and quite a few of them were really young. Here’s the back room where all of the action is. They had to add a table to the middle of the room since the last time I was there a few weeks ago.


They also had tables set up in other rooms but there were so many people running around I didn’t want to get in the way. They had important business to conduct.

When we got home I received my second call from the Dan Maffei campaign asking me if I was going to vote. I told the lady I already did – for Ann Marie Buerkle!

And now we wait, and pray. They’ll all be going to the Double Tree for an election night party but I think I’m going to sit it out so I can blog about the election returns.

As to the long, painful wait for the returns to start coming in… Stacy McCain has some advice.

Win, lose, or draw, we’re gonna be up late tonight, and the best thing to do is to avoid unnecessary stress. My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.