Philly Activist Group Destroys GOP Voter Registrations


This is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night. I still believe that there are enough decent, hard working Americans that haven’t been brainwashed by the Chicago Machine and the MSM that Mitt Romney can win by a landslide. But then I see things like this and I feel sick inside.

A citizen-journalist came across a large bag of trash outside the CVP office in Philadelphia. Glancing at it, the citizen saw what looked like shredded registration forms. The pictures in this post are from CVP’s trash. The photo above clearly shows that the voter who submitted the shredded registration form was registering as a Republican.

You’re right if you think this sounds a lot like ACORN and its litany of problems with voter fraud. CVP used to work along side ACORN, and several of its employees have worked for both organizations. CVP has also had significant problems with fraud. Several of its employees were indicted in 2008 for voter registration fraud. (See herehere and here, for example.)

Groups like CVP applaud themselves for ensuring that any eligible citizen is able to register and vote. If their efforts, because of where they focus their attention, result in registering more voters who are likely to vote Democrat, there’s nothing wrong with that. If a person is eligible, they should register and be encouraged to vote. But, if they come across someone who wants to register as a Republican, can they not shred the registration form? See, with groups like CVP, it isn’t really about extending the voting franchise. Its about electing Democrats.

Read the whole thing. Then pray. Then make sure you go out and vote. Then pray some more.

Update: In the future, if you want to register to vote, do not do so through these third party outfits. Do it through your local elections office. Otherwise you could be in for a surprise when you show up at your polling place.