Paul Ryan Mocks President Obama’s Styrofoam Columns


Paul Ryan had a busy day yesterday. He started off the day at Lambeau Field where he “delighted and surprised” the crowd waiting for the game to begin. He ended the day in Castle Rock, CO and mocked President Obama for those columns he used in Denver four years ago.

He made great promises. Right up the street in Denver, with all those styrofoam columns. He made all these grand promises. Cut the deficit in half – it’s doubled. He’d bring people together and bridge the partisan divide – it’s the most partisan atmosphere we’ve had in the federal government in decades. He said he’d create all these jobs – he got into office, remember, his party controlled everything. You see, the Obama economic agenda, it didn’t fail because it was stopped, it failed because it was passed.

My cousin was there and said “That was one awesome rally!” She texted me these photos when it was over. (She wasn’t kidding when she told me she was right up in the front.)