Okay, So The World Hasn’t Ended


This past week has been horrible. There’s no other way of putting it. There are few silver linings. But as Lawrence Auster has noted, the world has not ended. We are still here and will have to confront this new reality. Giving up will not do any good.

In other words, at the very moment that liberalism has gained a whole new level of power over the country, he believes we should stop paying attention to it and why people believe in it and how it operates and will continue to operate to harm us.

I told him that because he believes only in power, not in truth, the moment he sees no possibility of gaining power, he gives up.

Also, on the matter of activism, I might have added that even if America as it has existed is over, it has not simply disappeared. Oblivion would be simple. What has happened is far more complicated and threatening than mere oblivion, namely that America has been replaced by a lawless leftist regime that intends our harm and will imminently be doing all kinds of things to harm us. So we can’t simply ignore politics, can we? When the countries of Eastern and Central Europe were taken over by the U.S.S.R., did anti-Communists simply give up and stop resisting Communist rule in whatever means were available to them, even if those means were just intellectual? Because the historical civilization of Russia had been destroyed by Communism, would my acquaintance have advised Alexander Solzenitsyn not to write his books exposing Communist evil and laying out the principles of moral and social order?

Read the whole thing. (Via American Power)

The left was just as despairing after George W. Bush won reelection. They didn’t sit around moping for long. They got busy. I guess you could say they got revenge. Now it’s our turn. Readers in states with Republican governors can start by demanding that those governors refuse to help the federal government implement Obamacare. I’m sure over the coming days and weeks we’ll come up with other ways to fight the regime.