Oh Look – Here Comes Another Downgrade For America


Don’t you just love the way new like this was held until after the election? The United States of America is probably going to be downgraded again, according to the State Department. Actually, it came out on election day, but no real news was reported that day, so the timing was impeccable.

At Tuesday’s State Department event, the Egyptian reporter asked analyst Kathy Bostjancic, director of Macroeconomic Analysis for the nonpartisan Conference Board, what impact the so-called “fiscal cliff” facing the U.S. federal government would have on the rating of U.S. Treasury securities.

“I mean, to me, it seems the odds of us getting downgraded again are very high,” said Bostjanic.

“But I think that they [Republicans and Democrats] get around the sequestration,” Bostjanic went on to say, “and I think by consequence, because they’re not going to find an agreement on how to offset that in the budget, we’re going to get downgraded.”

I guess the American people voted for a downgrade, since they voted to keep the status quo. Greece, here we come! Thanks, Sheeple!