Obama Survey: What ‘Constituency Groups’ Do You Identify With?


The never ending Obama campaign wants to take the movement forward and has a questionnaire asking supporters which “constituency groups” they identify with. There is no option for “white” or “male” under “constituency group, but men are given the option of identifying their gender.

The post-election survey, distributed through www.barackobama.com to “take this organization forward,” includes the question, “Which constituency groups do you identify yourself with? Select all that apply.” It then lists 22 groups.

But whites and men are not on the list – women are, as are African Americans, Arab-Americans, Latinos and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

Other “constituency groups” include “Educators,” “Environmentalists,” “Labor,” “Students,” “People with disabilities,” and “Youth.”

Also as an option: “People of faith,” “Small business owners,” “Seniors,” “Veterans/military families,” and “Young Professionals.”

The survey also requires Obama supporters to identify their gender as either “male,” “female,” or “other/no answer.” (Read More)

I doubt they got too many small business owners or veterans responding to this creepy survey.