Obama Claims He Has A Mandate To Raise Taxes


Obama’s second term is already a joke. He’s claiming he has a mandate to raise taxes. Nothing about cutting spending. He has no plans to cut anything but the military.

“Our top priority has to be jobs and growth. That’s the focus of the plan I talked about during the campaign,” he said, even though his campaign heavily used a series of targeted social-issue messages to spur turnout by African-Americans, unmarried woman and Latinos, and to successfully portray Gov. Mitt Romney as “not one of us.”

A tax increase for wealthier Americans “was a central question during the election — it was debated over and over again, and on Tuesday night, we found out that a majority of Americans agree with my approach,” he declared.

However, exit polls also showed that most Americans support a smaller government.

He still doesn’t know math.

He also mumbled something about jobs. Haha! As if we haven’t heard that before.

I think I’ll go stock up some more on canned goods and other necessities. If we end up penniless at least we’ll have something to eat for a while.

Update: Here he is proclaiming he has the pen he’ll use to raise taxes. SCOAMF.