New Poll Has Romney Ahead In Michigan


I haven’t been able to check the internals of this new poll because the link to the actual poll is broken, but My Fox Detroit is reporting that Mitt Romney now has a lead over President Obama in Michigan.

Who are you most likely to vote for in the Presidential election – Democratic President Barack Obama, or Republican Nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, another candidate, or are you undecided?

Republican Nominee Mitt Romney 46.86%
President Barack Obama 46.24%
Another candidate 4.94%
Undecided 1.96%

They say the margin of error is +/- 2.24%.

Another poll came out today showing the race in Ohio is dead even, but they oversampled Democrats. Seeing that many on our side would crawl across ground glass to get to the polls on Tuesday I’m thinking we have a good shot at this, especially when you factor in the angry former Obama voters the media is ignoring.