Missing the Message Boat


The gun shy Republican leadership is doing it again! We have the opportunity to beat the Democrats and win the people but Republicans keep doing what they do best – letting the media and the Democrats dictate the message. The fiscal cliff is a made to order horror story fabricated out of progressive immorality. We would not be facing this if it was not for Obama and his leftist cabal. Yet, somehow, the Republicans have allowed the talking points to blame them for the situation. Bob Woodward’s book, The Price of Politics, PROVES this was a result of Obama’s progressive plot, but the GOP leadership hasn’t used it in any sort of messaging campaign.

The situation was apparently so intense as a result of these factors that the historic deal ended up flat-lining, leaving essential issues unresolved and positioning America to continue on a path that some say will end in fiscal chaos.

The key issue that apparently led to the communication breakdown was Obama’s push for extra added taxes, something Boehner wasn’t prepared to give in on. When the deal had progressed along and this disagreement was evident, Obama tried to unsuccessfully reach the House speaker three times. When the president finally spoke with him him later that day and Boehner rejected the deal, the president purportedly became irate.

Woodward’s book claims that Obama had a “flash of pure fury.” Even Boehner admitted to the author that Obama “was spewing coals” in an incident that the book describes as being on the edge of a “presidential tirade.”

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I realize the election loss has shell-shocked many, but GET OVER IT and save the Republic for God sakes! Boehner should have been replaced as speaker. That didn’t happen, but somebody better take the wheel soon and sail the USS Fiscal Cliff message clipper right down the throats of the radical left trying to take down our country.

This is made-to-order easy people! This should be framed as saving the economy for struggling Americans. Use Woodward’s own book, champion real cuts and revenue increases, and trash Obama’s Southeast Asia Tour! Once again the anti-leader Obama has decided that no American economy time bomb is important enough for him to care about before jetting off overseas. Democrats have walked out on vacation and the Republicans aren’t taking advantage of any of these messaging gifts!

Instead the Republicans keep allowing the media to force them to talk taxes. Can we please get some people to train the GOP how deal with the media? The GOP should be holding multiple press conferences and pounding the message I laid out above. The GOP could make this topic number one and it should be all that people are talking about over Thanksgiving diner. We should be winning this!

I’m getting really annoyed – as if you couldn’t tell.