Michael Reagan Calls On Former Presidents Bush 41 and Bush 43 To Break Silence


Michael Reagan was on America Live to talk about the fiscal cliff negotiations and lessons learned from his father’s presidency, when he made an excellent point about two other former Republican presidents.

The Republicans need somebody to stand up. May I suggest George H. W. Bush stand up and tell the people what really happened to him in 1990, 1992. And that George W. Bush stand up and really stop taking the blame for what happened to the economy and put it where it belongs. We need the two former presidents to stand up just like the three presidents today that are Democrats, are bashing the Bush administration. Bashing their economy. They need to not wait for history to tell the story. They need to tell the story themselves.

He’s so right. What’s with this waiting for history to tell the story? We all know who is writing history right now and it’s the Democrats. It’s especially true of George W. Bush. He may have made some mistakes, but until the Democrats took control of Congress things were going pretty well. He has a duty to come out and explain how the tax cuts he enacted helped to create millions of jobs and how the budget deficit shrunk every year between 2004 and 2007.

I’m constantly getting requests in the mail for donations to the Bush library, but why should I give anything to fund a library if he won’t do anything more to defend his country? He may no longer be in power, but as a former president he would certainly draw attention. I still don’t get why he sits back and lets his name be run through the mud the way it is.

Gateway Pundit has much more on Bush’s record. It would be nice if the man himself would stand up and defend it.