Maybe This Will Make You Feel Better – Update – Or Not


The fiscal cliff is still looming. Barack Obama will still occupy the White House for the next four years. The Democrats still control the Senate and the Republicans have the House. The unsustainable entitlement state is growing and there’s no hope of it shrinking any time soon. It’s pretty bleak. But it’s not forever.

There is no permanence in politics. All is fleeting. All is cyclical. We find comfort in our cycle and distress when others rise to the top.

Right now, conservatives are bitterly disappointed. Some choose to check out mentally. Some have decided to throw in the towel. A few blame the American people. Many think the gig is up, the show is over, and destiny is undone.

Demography is not destiny and neither is the ever growing leviathan. Many think so now, but they forget the ebbs and flows of the tide of history. Conservatism is not done. The message of freedom and opportunity is not done.

No immigrant comes to the United States wanting to be on welfare. They come for a better life of hard work and success. What conservatives forget is that people forget.

And conservatives have done a terrible job reminding people.

Read the whole thing.

I don’t know. I still feel pretty crappy.

H/T to Smitty

Update: Sorry. I was just looking for something positive this morning. Bad idea on my part. Thanks for weighing in. In fairness, not all immigrants come here to get on the dole. Then again, many immigrants who come here to work hard end up being denied citizenship and sent packing.