Massive Crowd Turns Out For Romney In Bucks County, PA


It was only a few days ago that Mitt Romney decided to make a campaign appearance in Bucks County, PA on this last weekend before the election, but the last minute nature of this event didn’t stop a massive crowd of supporters from turning out in the cold. Twitchy quoted one woman who said that it was like a “Republican Woodstock.” Look at the crowd:

Thousands of supporters attend Mitt Romney rally in Bucks County, PA on 11/4/12.

According to Gateway Pundit, Carl Cameron reported the crowd size at 28,000, and “Mitt is pulling in larger crowds than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton – COMBINED – IN THE COLD!”

You can watch video of Romney’s speech at the Shady Brook Farm in Morrisville, PA at CSPAN. Here’s a screenshot of the next president and first lady arriving in the campaign bus.

Mitt and Ann Romney arrive at a rally in Morrisville, PA

Here’s a shot of the bus pulling up in front of the crowd.

Massive crowd of supporters greets the Romney campaign bus in Morrisville, PA

Update: Earlier today, when he wasn’t laughing about Benghazi, David Axelrod said that this rally meant Romney is in deep trouble. Really, then why did they send Bill Clinton to PA?

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