Liberal Pundit Laments NY Governor Cuomo’s Lack Of Progressivism


Photo Credit: Times Union

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo passed gay marriage and increased taxes on rich people, but that’s not enough for Salon’s Alex Pareen. Pareen doesn’t think Cuomo is fighting hard enough for Democrat control of the state senate. Boo hoo.

If the New York state Senate remains controlled by the Republican Party, it won’t be because of the voters. Democrats have 30 seats, with 32 required for a majority. They’re also ahead in two races currently being recounted. Simcha Felder, who won a Senate seat on the Democratic and Conservative Party lines in Brooklyn, has already announced that he will caucus with the Republicans. If the Democrats end up with a majority, there is a good chance a bunch of conservative Democrats will switch parties to ensure that the GOP retains control. One guy who’s staying conspicuously out of the fight:Democratic governor and 2016 presidential contender Andrew Cuomo. (Read More)

When President Obama ran in 2008 he pretty much ran on no record. He was a former community activist, part time lecturer, a state senator who voted present, and then a US Senator who spent more time running for president than he did on the Senate floor. If Cuomo  does have national ambitions, he won’t have that luxury. He’ll have a record that will be scrutinized. Turning his state into California won’t look good, especially since he may finally have to answer for the role he played in the 2008 mortgage meltdown. Not to mention that by then blaming Bush will (hopefully) have become passé.