Liberal Elites: Values For Me, But Not For Thee


Bill Quick explains the mindset of the rich and upper middle class liberals who seem to be telling the rest “Values for me, but not for thee.”

Even upper class leftists who peddle this sort of crap for others don’t follow it themselves. Whatever we may think of their ideologies, they practice a culture of success: The send their kids to good schools, they make sure they use birth control, their kids postpone marriage until after graduation, they get married before they have kids, and so on, and so forth. In other words, they live their private lives in much the same way that their successful counterparts on the right do.

And yet these same people refrain from offering the same advice to less successful demgraphics. Instead, they offer palliatives for the sort of horrible life decisions they would never permit within their own purview. “Have a baby out of wedlock? Fine. Here’s money. Have more? Here’s more money.”

The end result of that has been the cultural and economic destruction of those classes that never understand why they are not as successful as “the rich.”

It’s a matter of values, although discussion of values is out of fashion these days. (And no, I’m not talking about the hot button issues like gay marriage, abortion, or dope, which have relatively small effects on the wider culture) but of values like hard work, education, deferred gratification, planning, saving, investing for the future, and all the other markers of real, long term success in America. (Read More)

During the campaign President Obama frequently accused Mitt Romney of wanting to take us back to the 1950’s. Remember when the campaign compared him to the guys from that show Mad Men? The show is actually set in the 1960’s, but Team O said it was the 50’s. But in the 50’s Americans did have values. A child born out of wedlock was scandalous, or so I’ve heard. Progressives like Obama will do anything to keep the dependent class from going back to those values.  If they did, they’d no longer be dependent on the government, or even look to government to solve their problems. Having too many hard working Americans with intact families would make it too difficult for Democrats to win elections.

Who knows, maybe it’s too late to do anything about it now. Or maybe some conservative Generation X’ers will be able to turn things around if given a chance. The Millennials still don’t know what they’re in for, but they’ll find out soon enough. At least our side has some young up-and-coming prospects. The Democrats have people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. How are they going to look after 8 years of the celebrity president? (A celebrity who, by the way, is part of the Baby Boomer generation.) Old, tired and worn out is what I’m thinking. Who knows, maybe my generation will become the latest greatest generation. We were witness to the fall of the Berlin Wall and what was supposed to be the defeat of communism. We’re raising our kids now, with our values. The same values of hard work and family that were prevalent in the 50’s.

The only problem I see is that many of my left-leaning friends are like those people Quick talked about above. They live these values, and then vote for statists. And there is no convincing them that the Democrats do not share their values and that leftist policies they support will bring down their standard of living. Obama knows that, which is why he has Ben Bernanke there to keep printing money so people believe everything is just swell. Those of us living in the reality based community know what’s coming. Let’s hope it won’t be too late to clean things up.

Let me close by saying that if I were one of those people these rich liberals were looking down their noses at, I would be extremely insulted. Are a few scraps from government really worth one’s dignity? That’s what they do, strip people of dignity in exchange for benefits in order to buy votes. Wake up, people!