Jay Carney Says Obama Meeting With Congressional Leaders Is A Waste Of Time


Instead of meeting with congressional leadership from both sides of the aisle to work out a true compromise on the fiscal cliff, President Obama is out campaigning. On our dime. White House spokesman Jay Carney defended his boss, implying that actually being a leader on the issue would be a waste of time. (Video at the link)

“Wouldn’t it send a signal to the American people and to markets to see the president meeting here with Congressional leadership?” Bloomberg reporter Julianna Goldman asked Carney. “That would be a signal that Washington can function.”

“The signal that Washington can function is the result,” Carney replied. “Only inside the Beltway do people think that sitting in a room for a photo spray will solve necessarily problems. The work has to be done and that work is being done.”

What work is he talking about? Getting people to make You Tube videos, or traveling around giving campaign speeches? He couldn’t get more arrogant if he tried. All other presidents have worked with Congress to get things done, but not this one. Letting Nancy Pelosi and her pals write Obamacare doesn’t count. He didn’t work with anyone, he just passed it off to his lackeys.

Oh, and yesterday Carney referred to the fiscal cliff as “fun.” Remember that when the economy gets even worse. For Obama and his peeps in the White House this is all just fun and games.

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