Israel Destroys Hamas Headquarters


Israel has knocked out the headquarters of Hamas in Gaza.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Israel expanded its targets to include several high-profile Hamas institutions, including Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s headquarters, a police compound, the Interior Ministry and the home of an Interior Ministry official.

Israel Defense Forces released a video of the strike against the Hamas headquarters. They said a secondary explosion that took place after their missile struck proved that the site was being used to store munitions.

By Saturday morning, the building was a twisted pile of glass and cement, reeking of fuel from an exploded generator. Hamas supporters planted several Palestinian flags in the wreckage.

In related news, Hamas used the dead body of a child to spread anti-Israel propaganda. Oh, and the online terrorist group Anonymous has been waging a cyber war against Israel. I’m thinking they may come to regret that decision.

Update: Donald Douglas has a decent roundup of the coverage of Israel’s fight against the totalitarians. Also see American Thinker for a glimpse into how the Washington Post is covering this. (If you guessed that they’re coverage is slanted  against Israel, you’d be correct.)