I Sure Hope Chris Christie Enjoyed That Call From Springsteen


There are already plenty of posts up detailing why Obama was elected to a second term, and why Mitt Romney lost. You can read them here, here, here and here. Of course, the Democrats’ war on women meme was aided and abetted by Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. Then there was Chris Christie.

Second, there is the hurricane factor. The nation saw Obama in his bomber jacket, accompanied by Republican keynoter Gov. Chris Christie as he visited the devastated areas of New Jersey hit by Hurricane Sandy. For the Democrats, it became the perfect storm that allowed the nation to believe what it wanted desperately to think — that Barack Obama had become a leader whom even the conservative governor of New Jersey worked with and praised for his leadership. The news coverage of Obama and Christie, and the governor’s effusive over-the-top praise of the president, hurt Romney in a significant fashion. Christie’s stance even led Bruce Springsteen to talk on the phone with the governor on Election Day, and to praise him for his working relationship with the president. Christie finally got the call from his hero that he had been yearning for. Gone, I think, are his chances to run for the White House as the Republican candidate four years from now.

Boy, I really hope Christie enjoyed that phone call.

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