I Canceled My Newspaper Subscription Today


Today I canceled my newspaper subscription. I’ve had enough of the Syracuse Post Standard. It rarely tells me anything I didn’t already know, and regularly keeps readers in the dark on things they do need to know. That’s $23.00 per month I can save, or put toward my higher health insurance premiums that the editors shilled for.

The paper is going under anyway. They’ve announced a bunch of layoffs and will cut home delivery to only 3 days per week (including Sunday) come February. Is it any wonder?

Update: Anyone here in the Syracuse may also want to stop watching 9WSYR, the ABC News affiliate. The night before the election they  aired a very biased segment against Ann Marie Buerkle. I searched for it on their website and the video wasn’t available. It was all about how Buerkle is against “women’s reproductive rights” and there was nobody there to rebut what the people they interviewed were saying. For all we know that made the difference in the very close election. I turned it off then and there and won’t be watching again. I had been a loyal viewer for almost twenty years. I used to watch every evening to get the weather forecast and local news, and the noon broadcast on days I wasn’t at the office, but that’s over. I’ve had it.