Hundreds Turned Out For Million Muppet March


Yesterday’s Million Muppet March should have been called the Hundred Muppet March, judging by the turnout. I guess not that many Americans are interested in continuing to fund an entertainment operation that can be profitable without taxpayer dollars.

Post-event coverage claimed that there was a crowd of “hundreds,” including an item carried at

Modest Million Puppet March Makes Case for Big Bird

It wasn’t nearly a million by the Count’s best standards, but hundreds gamely rallied in support of Big Bird and public funding for PBS in Washington, DC, yesterday with chants of “El-mo, we won’t go!” reports CNN. Many a Kermit, Cookie Monster, and other puppets joined the so-called Million Puppet March to the Reflecting Pool, taking aim at Mitt Romney’s threat to take Big Bird off the public dole. “We’re just making it clear that public media matters and it’s something that we want to see supported and we still want to see federal funding of,” a co-organizer of the march tells the AFP.

Many protesters brought their kids to the event. Said one of PBS: “I grew up on it. It’s a foundation for our children today.” Both PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting carefully held the protest at arm’s length, though the latter released a statement saying, “We appreciate the recent outpouring of support and affirmation for the value of public broadcasting.”

Only one item I found in the relatively sparse coverage mentioned Michael Bellavia. The Washington Post’s Maura Judkis called him “an animation executive.” Bellavia, as I noted in post several weeks ago (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog) is “Chief Executive Officer of Animax Entertainment. One of his company’s clients is Sesame Workshop, making him more than just a casual ‘fan’ of Big Bird.”

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Image via Buzzfeed