Hey, Remember When The Democrats Said The Upcoming Fiscal Cliff Was A Good Thing?


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Da TechGuy reminds us of how President Obama and the Democrats were pretty proud of the compromise they reached with Republicans to bring about the coming fiscal cliff.

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President Obama said the following:

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“It’s an important first step to ensuring that as a nation we live within our means, yet it also allows us to keep making key investments in things like education and research that lead to new jobs and assures that we’re not cutting too abruptly while the economy’s still fragile,” Obama said in a statement from the White House Rose Garden before signing the bill.

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Harry Reid Said the following:

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“There’s one winner throughout all of this and that’s the American people,”

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And Tim Geithner had this to say:

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“You’re going to see this basic underlying growth we’ve see in the United States improve over time because people will be more confident we can live within our means,” he said. “With more confidence we can get our arms around this long term. We will have more room to do the things we need to strengthen investment jobs now.”

So my question to the media is this: Harry Reid celebrated this agreement, Tim Geithner likes it, Nancy Pelosi voted for it and The President signed it. Yet now this deal is responsible for a fiscal cliff that is apparently a disaster for all America.

And the Republicans will take the blame, as usual.

Read the whole thing.