Hey, Remember When Obama Called A 51-48 Victory ‘A Call To Humility’?


This is what Obama had to say about George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection in his 2006 book Audacity of Hope.

Maybe peace would have broken out with a different kind of White House, one less committed to waging a perpetual campaign – a White House that would see a 51-48 victory as a call to humility and compromise rather than an irrefutable mandate. But [that] did not exist in 2005. There would be no concessions, no gestures of goodwill. – Audacity of Hope page 20.

I guess that book is gathering dust on a shelf somewhere, because one thing we haven’t seen from Obama is any gesture of goodwill. We’re facing the fiscal cliff and he’s doubled down on his tax hike proposals without offering any concessions on spending.