Greece Hit By ‘Health Scourge’


The Wall Street Journal reported that Greece has been hit by a “health scourge.” This is what happens when governments run out of other people’s money and illegal immigrants flood across the border.

Over the past two years, more than 50 endemic cases of the mosquito-borne parasitic illness and more than 100 imported cases have been identified in Greece. No one has died yet, but the disease can be debilitating and recur for years.

The return of malaria, a scourge in developing countries, to Greece is a disturbing indicator of the nation’s decline since it crashed in 2009 under the weight of a debt binge. Since then, Greece has seen decades of advances in public health rolled back, as a flood of illegal immigrants, a dysfunctional government and budget cuts ravage a once proud health-care system.

Everything from cancer drugs to syringes is in short supply. Doctors and nurses aren’t being paid. Efforts to monitor and contain outbreaks of infectious disease are faltering.

In addition to malaria, public-health officials say they are worried about rises in everything from infectious respiratory-tract diseases and skin conditions to tuberculosis and HIV. (Read More)

It sounds like a prediction of our future, especially seeing that President Obama refuses to compromise on deficit reduction and so many Republicans appear willing to cave on amnesty for illegals. Last month alone the government here spent $120 billion more than it took in, and we’re now in our 5th fiscal year with deficits over $1 trillion. Remember, the debt per person in the US is higher than it is in Greece, and growing every day.