Good Grief – Senate Democrats Want More Spending In Deficit Reduction Deal


Because the Republicans ran some terrible candidates in Senate races the Democrats now think they have a mandate to raise taxes and increase spending! The lunacy continues.

Senate Democrats, feeling confident from their net gain of two seats in last week’s election, say any deficit-reduction package negotiated in the coming weeks must include stimulus measures.

They have yet to decide which prime-the-pump measures to push, but are mulling options such as new infrastructure spending and an extension of the payroll tax holiday.

Some Republicans are likely to balk at the notion that a package to cut the deficit would include new spending. But Democrats argue the No. 1 concern for voters is job creation and that the government needs to take a more aggressive role in spurring the economy.

These people are out of their freaking minds! Look where all of the stimulus spending they’ve already done has taken the job market. Look what QE in perpetuity is doing to the stock market. Why would any sane people think that more of the same will produce a different result? Geez, we may as well go over the financial cliff now and get it over with.

Update: Linked by The Other McCain who wonders “Maybe all those stupid young “Vagina Voters” can find some way to trade in their free contraceptives for cash.” Considering the state of the economy they voted for, they better hope so.