Forward, To What?


It’s a sad day in America. So, now what? I don’t know. As Smitty noted, things aren’t going to get better any time soon.

Apparently, it has to get worse before it gets better. At least we won’t hear about how we should get rid of the electoral college for another four years.

A broader point that needs to sink home is that, given a choice betweenParty A and Party Mostly A, the country seems to be holding with Party A. The fundamental reform of taxation, entitlements, and the Federal Reserve that are truly required seem too radical for GOP candidates. If voters can’t tell the difference between candidates, it looks like they hold what they’ve got.

I don’t think taxation and entitlement reform is so much a GOP problem, it’s more a voter problem. Like Bill Hoge said:

The country hasn’t hit bottom yet, and like a drunk or addict that still thinks he can handle it, the body politic simply isn’t ready to clean up its act. While 52% of the country probably aren’t all Takers and Moochers, they have enough Enablers to result in an electoral majority. Progressivism has been quite seductive in its appeal.

Does it really matter if the number of takers is 47% or 52%? Either way, they’re taking us along with them on their way to hitting rock bottom. Great.

Via Instapundit, Hugh Hewitt looked at what we can expect over the next four years.

I suspect the bruising political battles of the past four years will continue unabated because the country did not choose one course or the other, and the president’s re-election was so remarkably narrow and built on such a precariously empty agenda and so many tricks and sleights of hand that it is hard to imagine what he will want other than comprehensive immigration reform, which of course will do nothing to address the fiscal woes engulfing us.  The rot of Obamacare will spread, and the regulatory maximalists will press forward with their ruinous agendas, and the House will not be in a position to stop the unelected rule-makers anymore than the president can force through his devastating tax agenda.  We have a stalemate at hand, but what will be necessary is for the GOP to set its sights immediately on 2014 and recruit candidates for the Senate with the capacity to negotiate a fully partisan MSM.  One weak link much less two or three can and do cripple entire elections.  Whomever replaces Senator Cornyn at the head of the NRSC will have to start tomorrow to think through this challenge because we have to get the Senate in 26 months.

Ideas will matter more than ever, and their effective presentation even more so.  The bad news is that Paul Ryan remains in the House.  The good news is that he remains in the House, and that the rising generation of governors remains incredibly talented and innovative and they add Mike Pence to their number.  I hope that Reince Preibus can be persuaded to stay at the RNC and improve on the very good machine he helped Mitt Romney build.  It will be easier on the GOP the next time as the Democrats must suffer through their own succession battle as did the GOP in 2008, and they will have to do so as the economy grows even more stagnant.

Will stagflation come?  Almost certainly yes, and the brutal reality of the fiscal hole the president dug will descend, and rather quickly.  Will healthcare rationing arrive in the form of the IPAB? Yes, and seniors and their families will be shocked by the consequences. Will there be a crisis of confidence in our debt, and another panic?  I hope not but rational people have to assume so. (Read More)

Right Klik was a little less wordy, but still spot-on.

Well, at least Putin is happy.