FEMA Has No Water To Distribute To Storm Victims


Hurricane Sandy was not a surprise storm. Everybody knew days in advance that it was coming and it was going to be bad. FEMA officials assured the public prior to the storm that they were prepared in advance to respond and provide aide and relief in the storm’s aftermath. Unfortunately, they were not at all prepared with even the most basic necessity of life – water. Not only were they unprepared before the storm, they didn’t even place an order until Friday, days after the storm hit!

In fact, the agency appears to have been completely unprepared to distribute bottled water to Hurricane Sandy victims when the storm hit this Monday. In contrast to its stated policy, FEMA failed to have any meaningful supplies of bottled water — or any other supplies, for that matter — stored in nearby facilities as it had proclaimed it would on its website. This was the case despite several days advance warning of the impending storm.

FEMA only began to solicit bids for vendors to provide bottled water for distribution to Hurricane Sandy victims on Friday, sending out a solicitation request for 2.3 million gallons of bottled water at the FedBizOpps.gov website. Bidding closed at 4:30 pm eastern. (Read More)

Wow! Talk about incompetence. The bigger the government gets, the less effective it becomes.

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