FEMA Closed NYC Relief Centers Because Of Snow Storm


Just when it looked like FEMA might get its act together to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy they went and closed their relief centers because of a snow storm. Seriously.

Salon reported that Fugate told reporters on a Wednesday conference call that some post-Sandy FEMA facilities and services “had to be secured or postponed during the [current] storm. … We are going to resume when weather permits.”

DNAinfo.com New York visited several FEMA disaster centers and found “Closed due to weather” signs.

A FEMA facility on Coney Island was among those affected.

“The storm is coming. We don’t know how hard it’s going to hit us,” Jenny Cartagena told DNAInfo outside that FEMA site. “I need some help now.”

Non-FEMA volunteers handing out supplies on Staten Island said FEMA buses disappeared Wednesday, and were no longer available as places for New Yorkers with no electricity to get warm. (Read More)