Eric Holder Failed To Disclose His Wife’s Ownership Of Abortion Clinic


Attorney General Eric Holder believes the laws he is supposed to uphold are for others to follow. Well, not everyone, as we all know, but I digress. Holder’s wife is the part owner of an abortion clinic, but for some reason he never saw fit to disclose this information. Gee, I wonder why.

The revelations about Attorney General Eric Holder and his connection to an abortion clinic are becoming worse as new information has come to light showing he failed to disclose his wife’s co-owning of an abortion business.

Just before the election, Human Events broke the news that Holder’s wife and sister-in-law co-own, through a family trust, own the building where a controversial abortion practitioner operates. The Holder family transferred ownership to a family trust in 2009, eight months after President Barack Obama’s inauguration and a deed names Holder’s wife and sister-in-law as trustees.

Fulton County tax records show Holder’s wife and sister-in-law own the building, located at 6210 Old National Highway, College Park, Ga. A statement from the Georgia Department of Law shows the building was home to Old National Gynecology, the practice of abortion practitioner Tyrone Cecil Malloy.

Now, Human Events has an update, revealing that Holder failed to disclose his wife’s ownership of the building. The attorney general’s financial disclosure reports for 2008 through 2011 show Holder neglected to report his wife’s co-ownership. (Read More)

Via Fox Nation