Election Results Open Thread


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7:09 PM ET: Fox News just called Kentucky and Indiana for Mitt Romney. (Obama won Indiana in 2008.) They’ve called Vermont for Obama. Virginia is too close to call.

The Other McCain, Ace of Spades, Vodka Pundit and American Power are also live blogging the election returns. I’m sure Instapundit will also have plenty of updates as the evening goes on.

Expect plenty of updates here, too.

7:21 Update: Polls close in Ohio and North Carolina in 9 minutes.

7:42: Still too early to know any of the big battleground states. In the mean time, check out the live coverage from Citizen Watchdog.

7:55: Romney won Georgia, but that was totally expected. More than a dozen states have polls closing in the next five minutes so there should be more news shortly.

7:58: The exit polls sound like they are useless. As usual.

8:01: This is totally anecdotal, but I heard from a friend in PA about 20 minutes ago that she was still waiting in a long line to vote. So even though polls are close there, people are still voting as long as they were in line before 8:00 PM.

Romney won South Carolina, which was also expected. Romney won Alabama. Obama won 3 out of 4 of Maine’s electoral votes. The other one is still up in the air. Of course, Romney wins Oklahoma. They’re also calling West Virginia for Romney. At this point the big battleground states are still up in the air.

8:06: Bill O’Reilly is getting on my last nerve. Anyway, Obama has been projected to win: CT, DE, DC, IL, ME, MD, MA, NJ, RI, VT. All of those are as expected.

8:07: All of the states called for Romney: AL, GA, IL, KY, MS, OK, SC, WV. Total Electoral Collage so far is 79 for Obama and 71 for Romney. Still the big battlegrounds are too close to call. In Florida they’re showing the early voting which puts Obama ahead, but GOP voters are more likely to vote on election day. Plus, the polls are still open in the Panhandle.

Linked by Republican Redefined – thanks!

8:20: Add Tennessee to the Romney column. Now he’s up to 82 electoral votes to Obama’s 79.

Lady Liberty is also blogging tonight.

Also, Zero Hedge reminds us that exit polls are pretty much “garbage in/garbage out.” Keep that in mind.

8:25: In Virginia people are still standing in line so that state has suspended reporting. Karl Rove is saying it’s a good sign for Romney. He has his white board to back up his assertions.

Nice Deb is also live blogging.

8:29: NC Governor just called for the Republican. Good sign for Romney?

8:30: Did I tell you Arkansas (Bill Clinton’s state) was called for Romney? Well, I just did.

8:37: For those of you following the NY24 CD race between Ann Marie Buerkle and Dan Maffei – there’s nothing to report yet. Polls are open until 9:00. There are about 19,000 outstanding absentee ballots, so if it’s really close we won’t know anything tonight. If it isn’t close I’ll be sure to fill you in.

Daley Gator linked, and also has a live-blog going on.

8:51: Still waiting on VA, OH, PA, NH, FL, NC

8:56: No comments? Where is everyone?

9:01: The big blue east coast states including NY and MA have been called for Obama as expected. With the expected red states Electoral College count is now O 123, R 154. No swing states have been called yet.

9:10: There are still long lines in Virginia. I’m guessing that most of them are working people who will vote for Romney.

9:17: Fox News just called PA for Obama, with 7% of precincts reporting, based in part on exit polls. Now Bob Beckel is talking about a recount in Florida.

9:27: Fox News now calling Wisconsin for Obama with just 1% reporting. They must be basing all of these calls on exit polls. Hang on for a little while.

9:28: I just saw on twitter that some people are still in line to vote in WI, yet Fox calls it anyway. They suck.

10:00: ABC’s Jake Tapper is still watching Wisconsin.

10:02: I think Fox is trying to remain relevant and get ratings. They suck.

10:06: The Blaze still has Romney up. Fox News still trying to keep their ratings up.

10:09: Turn off Fox News:

10:19: Oh, and this.

10:24: Karl Rove is still optimistic.

10:33: Go to Hill Buzz if you can open it. Try a few times if you have trouble. Here’s a taste:

The reason he screws with you on nights like tonight is because he can. Drudge is gay, and is a prankster. Think of him as a big brother who likes to hold you down and dangle a spider over your head to make you squeal. It’s fun for him. He’s a showman like PT Barnum. He knows Romney will win, but he’s teasing you and will build the excitement like a drama queen.
Don’t go on Drudge Report tonight. I will be looking at it all evening and I will tell you anything you need to know. But spare yourself Matt Drudge’s drama. He’s a nice guy and great at what he does, but man does he like to screw with people’s emotions.

He does, and so does the rest of the media.

10:36: Tonight is going to be the night our republic died, or the night the media died. We’ll find soon enough. It could also be the night my computer died, judging on the way it’s behaving tonight.

11:01: Romney wins North Carolina.

11:02: Just saw on twitter that Gary Johnson could be the spoiler in Florida. Screw you libertarians for voting to allow the ruin of our republic.

11:04: The I see this:

11:09: Romney wins Missouri.

11:13: ABC calls NC for Romney.

11:15: Fox called Ohio for Obama. Voter fraud wins. America loses. We’re toast.

11:35: But there’s this:

11:42: Karl Rove says don’t give up on Ohio yet. Still a lot of votes to be counted. He’s making the Fox News team look dumb for calling it so early.

12:46: I think I will give up my day job. Why not?

12:56: Romney concedes. We are doomed, and so are our kids.