Bill Bennett Agrees – The Culture Is The Problem


The day after the last debacle of an election I wrote about how the culture is the problem. Nothing has happened to change my mind. Bill Bennett agrees.

Rather than offer a broad sweeping vision for the country, Democrats played identity politics. Republicans were the culprits, and women, young adults, black, Latinos, etc… were the victims. And voters believed it. Why? For the same reason this litany — gender, race, ethnicity, class — sound so familiar.

Voters believed it, not because it was something new or groundbreaking, but because this has been the template of many of our character-building institutions — our public schools, our colleges, and public universities — for the past 50 years. Go to any major university in America and this is the mindset that is taught, preached, and ingested. It also gets an assist from television drama, from the movies, and from much of the mainstream media.

For decades liberals have succeeded in defining the national discourse, the terms of discussion, and, therefore, the election, in these terms. They have successfully set the parameters and focus of the national and political dialogue as predominantly about gender, race, ethnicity, and class. This is the paradigm, the template through which many Americans, probably a majority, more or less view the world, our country, and the election. It is a divisive strategy and Democrats have targeted and exploited those divides.

How else can we explain that more young people now favor socialism to capitalism?

According to a Pew Research poll taken last year, 49% of Americans age 18-29 have a positive view of socialism while just 46% have a positive view of capitalism. Such a view has roots.

Read the whole thing. Unless we find a way to at least match the left on culture we’re doomed. But it’s not something we can expect politicians to do. We have to work this out on the local level, and by all means stop giving our hard earned dollars to media and entertainment outlets that hate us and our values. You know what they hate more than us? They hate losing money. Send them a message. Turn them off your TV. Stop paying to see their movies or for their DVDs. We make up half of this country, why are we sending them our money to aid them in our destruction? Stop, already!