An Election Eve Prayer


A friend emailed me this election eve prayer and said it would be okay to share it with you.

It has been said that over 80% of American’s believe in GOD or a creator.
Tonight, the night before the election, I am going to be praying on my knees.
Oh, I usually say my prayers in bed, and I rarely miss the chance to thank GOD for the blessings he has given me.
But tonight, I am going to hit my knees and pray to GOD that the people in this country see the problem before them not only as a lack of leadership, but as a lack of GOD in our lives.
And on my knees, I am asking GOD to open the eyes of the people so easily mis-lead by the snake called the media, and by the forbidden fruit of entitlements.
And tonight, I am going to hit my knees and pray to GOD that the country our fore fathers so brazenly brought forth does not become something other than the Republic for which it stands.  A Republic as one nation, under GOD.
Tonight, I am going to hit my knees and pray to GOD that young people get involved and learn about what a great country they live in, and how it became great not by the establishment of the government, but of the people who gave their blood, sweat and lives to make it prosper and keep it free.
Knelling, I will pray to GOD that the individuals who have infiltrated our government and who seek to destroy both our faith and the government be cast out.
On my knees, I will pray that the representatives that we elected hear the voice of the people, not of the lobbyists and special interest groups and that they look to the Constitution as the reason for our rights, and to not destroy them further.
On my knees, I am going to ask GOD for forgiveness for taking what he and our forefathers gave us for granted.  For not speaking up, for not standing up, and for sometimes giving up.
And on my knees, I am going to ask the Lord to give me strength, to allow me to give that strength to others, to give me the tools to teach others about our founding fathers and our Constitution and for help in keeping our country the home of the FREE and of the brave.
DEAR GOD, let me wake up on Wednesday morning knowing that we are still a nation that believes in YOU.