Allen West Takes Slim Lead During Recount


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The race between Congressman Allen West and Patrick Murphy isn’t over yet.

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Rep. Allen West is leading by more than 300 votes in Palm Beach County, Fla., a hopeful sign for the Tea Party favorite fighting for his political life after Tuesday’s election, a source told TheBlaze.

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No winner has been declared in the congressional race between the Republican West and his Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy, though Murphy had a 2,456-vote lead in the unofficial vote total.

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But a Republican observer who has been monitoring the counting process said West pulled ahead in Palm Beach County on Thursday as the initial count continues. Ballot printing errors led to ballots that could not be fed through scanners in some areas, so Florida election workers have been forced to reproduce their content onto new ballots that can be read properly, the observer said. As the votes are counted for the first time, West has taken a slim lead.

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West has also demanded a recount in St. Lucie County and has filed a motion to impound voting machines and for a hand recount of ballots due to irregularities.

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Isn’t it annoying hearing over and over again that the GOP is the party of old white guys, when Republicans like Allen West are out there? Is anyone on the left calling those who voted against him, or Mia Love in Utah, racist?

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