A Nation Of Freeloaders, Squatters And Sluts


This pretty much sums things up.

We have finally tipped the scales.

There are a million arguments as to why Mitt Romney lost the election, but everything boils down to one simple fact…we have become a nation of freeloaders, squatters and sluts. A majority of the people of the nation have lost all respect for every principle that we once held high, and entitlement has replaced endeavor as our prevailing common behavior. As a people, we have given free rein to our collective id, and where morals and tradition once reigned we now have drives and impulses ruling. Above it all, the libido stands and demands constitutional authentication.

Please be sure to read the whole thing. Those freeloaders, squatters and sluts are due for a rude awakening. The funny thing is, they voted for their own demise. They haven’t yet realized that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. This is Obama’s America.