A ‘Flood’ Of Obamacare Regulations To Hit After Election


Politico reported on the many Obamacare regulations, what they call a “flood” that will be unleashed on us after the election. Just like the other regulations Obama wants to impose on us, his administration has had to work on them under the radar to keep the American people in the dark.

The once-steady stream of regulations and rules from the Obama administration — instructions for insurance companies, hospitals and states on how to put the law in place — has slowed to a trickle in recent months in an attempt to avoid controversies before the election. Many states, too, have done little public work to avoid making the law an election issue for state officials on the ballot.

But work has been going on behind the scenes — both in the Department of Health and Human Services and at the state level. As soon as Wednesday, the gears and levers of government bureaucracy are likely to start moving at full speed again.

HHS is expected to begin to release the backlog of regulations. And the states will quickly face a Nov. 16 deadline to tell the Obama administration whether they’ll implement a health insurance exchange — a key part of the law about where consumers will purchase health insurance after 2014.

Read the whole thing. Win or lose, Obama and his bureaucrats are working hard to cement their statist agenda into place before he’s kicked out of office.