Young Liberal Voters Open To GOP Plans On Entitlement Reform


President Obama pretty much has the under-30 vote sewn up, but it may not be impossible for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to win some of them over. A new study finds that even ardent liberal voters in this age group are looking for leadership in the area of entitlement reform, and many of them are open to the ideas of the Republicans. They also recognize that Obama has no plan.

Already disproportionately suffering from a weak economy, young Americans say they’re not counting on post-retirement government help. And they are not surprised that the debate over the programs is being driven largely by older people who wouldn’t suffer under the most serious proposals under consideration anyway.

If politicians did listen, they might be surprised: Recent survey data indicate that Americans ages 18 to 29, despite being overwhelmingly liberal, support some conservative ideas for changing the structure of entitlement programs.

Roughly 86 percent of them favor allowing workers to put their Social Security taxes into a private account, as some Republicans have proposed, according to a November 2011 survey by the Washington, D.C.-based Pew Research Center. That’s much more than the 52 percent of seniors who support the idea.

The Pew “Generation Gap and the 2012 election” study also found that 74 percent of millennials support allowing Medicare participants to “use benefits toward purchasing private insurance,” another GOP idea, which got backing from just 48 percent of those 65 and older.

Part of the reason seniors say they don’t like the GOP plans is that the Democrats constantly lie about those plans. None of them are proposing changes to current seniors. Democrats win by lying. Just like the war on women meme – it’s totally bogus but they go out and repeatedly tell women that if Republicans are elected there will be no “reproductive justice,” it’s all fabricated in an effort to scare voters. In the mean time, nothing gets done and the country goes into even more debt, while the Democrats promise more unsustainable benefits.