Twitter Fails Tonight After Debate


I’ve tried to send tweets out only to get a message that I’ve gone over my daily limit for tweets. Wow! Who knew I had a daily limit for tweets?

I tried to send Ken Gardner a tweet telling him that President Obama only mentioned “terror” once the day after the Benghazi attack, but Twitter told me no. I tried sending a few other tweets, and was again denied. Do you think twitter is denying Obama supporters the ability to tweet out their thoughts? I’m not an Obama supporter, so I wouldn’t know. They just tell me to try again in a few hours.

So I turned the channel to MSNBC for a few minutes, and Rachel Maddow and some dude were going on about Mitt Romney’s omissions or something. Nothing about the many lies President Obama told during the debate, or how everything he said came out of a stump speech that he has memorized. Nothing about Obama’s smirking and smiling when Romney brought up Operation Fast and Furious.

Oh well, maybe I can try to tweet some of the things I wrote tonight in the morning. But I won’t count on it.